Useful Business Tools

Appointment Scheduler

This tool would be important for businesess that need an appointment scheduling options for users to schedule an appointment.


  • PHP


There are number of things that can be done to customize the appointment scheduling tool.
  • Make it dynamic so that only open slots are displayed.
  • Send reminders to users about their appointment.
  • Other customization as per requirement.
* The demo presented here is static tool. The dynamic tool will require database such as MySQL.
* Please click on "Appointment Scheduler" to test a demo. The email will currently be sent to the webmaster.

jQuery/DataTable sorting tool

jQuery and DataTable has provided one of the most efficient and excellent way of sorting data in a table. This could be static data or dynamic data from search results. If you want to control the amount of data that you would like to display, this could be one of the best tool for you.


  • jQuery library
  • DataTable plugin


DataTable is very flexible on how you would like to present your data. Customization is available according to requirement.

* Click here for static example of data table sorting example.
* Click here for dynamic example of data table sorting example.


Joomla is one of the popular Open Source Content Management System (CMS). Websites from simple to complex sites can be made from Joomla.


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Web Server preferrably Apache


Joomla is very customizable according to your needs. There are thousands of modules and plugins available to customize the site. Virtuemart, a free e-commerce solution is also available to integrate with Joomla.

Mobile Version

With almost every one using a smartphone, it is evident that mobile version of website is going to dominate the market share of web soon. With jQuery mobile, it has made it possible to make a mobile version of your website too. Go to in your smartphone and you should see the mobile version of this website.

Note: Mobile version is not fully functional as I have made it just to demonstrate.